Sunday, April 1, 2007

Those crazy kids

Okay. There are lots of kids where I live. And they're weird...but in a good way. We have a small group of boys who play behind our patio. The Blair Witch Kids. They collect sticks and line them up all in a row. Lots of 'em. Big sticks and little sticks. One of these days I'll get a pic but I don't want to be the creepy lady stalking young boys! Or do I?
We adopted this big lug of a cat (Dixon) from the hood. He used to hang in our yard and is a real sweety, mostly. Before he was all indoor, he'd walk around outside and was pretty friendly with the kids. So later on, some of the neighbor kids would come knock on our door, "can Dixon come out and play?". I mean, come ON. How CUTE is that?
Then we have the larger group whose "leader" is a girl. They do things like collect dirt in buckets and do chalk drawings on the sidewalks. Well one day last spring they were all outside playing. When we went outside later on we discovered the random act of beauty shown in the picture. There's a bunch of flowering bushes with hot pink flowers all over them. Sorry, don't know what kind. They gathered all the flowers into buckets and scattered them all up and down the sidewalk. They even put a handful in everyone's mailbox. Granted, they stripped this poor bush, but the effect was really beautiful.
I wonder what they'll do next?

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carla ten eyck said...

Dude! That is really cute. It's funny b/c now Dave and I are the pied pipers of the 'hood! Just like back in the day, remember? Except no one is playing kickball cuz of all of the damn cars on the street! Remember, 'CAR!!!' Man, Tina always kicked the ball the farthest, huh. But sometimes she would use her toe too much when kicking the ball and hit the wires. It was pretty dramatic!