Monday, September 24, 2012

Mourning Monday 9.24.12

Julia deVille

Julia deVille "Kitten drawn hearse" 2010

To say that I am fascinated and a little obsessed with Julia deVille would be a huge understatement.

Her work speaks to me. 

Do yourself a favor and visit her website: DisceMore/Julia deVille/ Jewellery/ Taxidermy
This short interview (1/5) provides insight into being a vegetarian  and a taxidermist: INFRAME.TV/ Reflections on Mortality. Becoming a Taxidermist

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mourning Monday 9.3.12

my brother and his bride

getting ready to cut the copper

cut and sanded

personal message added to the back

My brother Carlos (Gallo) got married to his long time girlfriend Vanessa on August 18th. The wedding was bittersweet because, as many of you know, our mom died in 2006. She knew Vanessa and also loved her.
So, leading up to the big day, Vanessa approached me about making something special for their wedding day. She wanted a pin or pendant that she could give to my brother to commemorate mom on this day.
It was to be a surprise.
The color theme of the day was red, white and black, so I decided to incorporate these into the brooch.
I cut the brooch out of copper and made a sterling silver bezel. I found a photo of mom and my brother and made that black and white. The photo is set under a watch crystal. I then gave the whole piece a light oxidation to darken it up a little. 

Right before the ceremony, I gave this brooch to my brother and told him how Vanessa had wanted to remember mom and to do something special for him. Then I pinned it to his lapel.

Congratulations to the happy couple! I love you both so very much!