Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Week 33 relic

Mom's deathbed jewelry

This is the jewelry Mom was wearing when she was taken off of life support on February 10, 2006. After we had all said our goodbye's, I carefully removed her earrings. She was wearing a sterling silver hoop, a black pearl stud darkened silver ball and a cz stud. Mom always liked a little sparkle. The wooden cross had been placed in her hand by the hospital chaplain. Although none of us saw Mom as a religious person, we left it anyway. 

This Thursday marks the 5 year milestone of her death. May not seem like much, but it has hit me like a ton of bricks. Really, shouldn't there be a commemorative coin or something?


carla ten eyck said...

yes! A coin. Can't wait to see what you do sis. getting my commemorative tattoo tomorrow, I'll send you some pic, thanks for sharing it with me! I love you XO

Laurie said...

Very touching!
The Graveyard Detective

dejavudu said...

Better than a coin are the My Precious Studio commemorations. She will never be forgotten.