Monday, January 10, 2011



So...this year has already proven to be quite a challenge. I'm late again with my weekly reliquary. (Although I am playing by my own rules and shouldn't really feel guilty) Just a little frustrated with not being able to stay on schedule. There are a lot of things that just add up this time of year. My day job is assistant manager at a large retail store and this holiday season + no weekends off in a month + crazy shoppers + holidays are over and I now have 2 millions tasks to complete to get the store back into shape + no vacation in sight + weekly reliquary + jewelry studio work + Crossfit + cat needing surgery + injured husband + an out of town memorial = time crunch. I know it will all level out soon but it's frustrating. Obviously, being there for those who need me takes priority, as it should.
There are positives to all these things. Gwen's doing much better, Crossfit keeps me sane, my husband is a trooper and the blood drive my sister arranged in honor of her dear friend had collected over 32 pints of life saving blood!
So, I'll do my best to get back on track this week.
Happy new year folks, hiccups and all!

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