Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Week 16 relic

New York City subway token

This "bullseye" token was minted between 1986-1990 as stated here.
I didn't actually move to NYC until June of 1991. There was only one more version of the subway token before the metro card took over for good. 
Personally, I always preferred the tokens. There's something so satisfying about coins. Baby, I'll take metal over plastic any day!

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dejavudu said...

Ohh... a token.....
i have a few of the later version. i remember my first trip to NY; i'd only seen it in movies and thought it was some other magical planet and was so enchanted by the tokens. Shortly after bringing them home i heard of the Metro Card, held the token in my hand, felt it's weight, and wondered if i would show my grandchildren one day as if i had a relic of Coney Island itself.