Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Week 15 relic

this is how I found my relic

this is what they looked like when I got them to the studio. the color is so delicious!

my relic is for these lost lives (and I think they meant "cannon")

the despair was palatable

flowers collected and preserved from Belle Isle, Richmond, VA

I recently went for a run on Belle Isle, a small island that's now part of the Richmond parks system. As beautiful as it is, there are still reminders all around of what it was once used for. During the Civil War it was, among other things, a prison for Union soldiers. Many men suffered terribly and then died here under horrific conditions. I'm sure the place is haunted by a thousand soldiers. I instinctively wanted to comfort them.
So as I was running, I noticed that these flowers were all over the island. Pops of fiery orange and yellow amidst the lush greenery. I noticed the same three fallen blooms during each lap around. So I photographed them and carried them home. I pressed them and those are what I'll use for this week's challenge.

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