Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Changes on the way

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my jewelry business and have decided that I need a creative jump start. The first year following my mom's death I was all go, go, go and then a sort of grey cloud emerged and took over. All my adrenaline was used up. I was suffering a deep depression. I've been struggling with getting my mojo back ever since. Granted, I've had bursts of creativity throughout the past years but it just hasn't been the same. I've always been melancholy and that's okay with me. I can work with that. In fact, it kind of fits in with my focus on funerary jewelry. I just need to get my creative juices really flowing again. Exercise has done wonders for my mood. Great friends and family (and my many cats) who support me are also wonderful. But I ain't getting any younger! It's GO time again.
So, I've decided that I need to give myself some projects/ goals. One thing I would like to start doing here on this blog is a weekly art/jewelry project. I'm about 90% sure of the parameters so far. I'm thinking of some sort of weekly reliquary project; maybe post the raw materials on Sunday and then the finished piece by Saturday.
What do you think? Have any suggestions on getting back one's creative mojo?


Metalicious said...

So glad to hear you're back in action! I find doing the things that ground me most give me the best inspiration. Can't wait to see your new challenge!

Tere said...

Thanks Stephanie! I'm really excited about my new challenge and focus!

mim said...

I think you're on the right track by giving yourself an assignment and putting out into the universe. Actually, I was talking with J about slacking about getting into my studio, and just talking to her about it, got me into my studio. You'll get on your track again.