Friday, July 10, 2009

Email issues

My "superpower" sucks. I have an uncanny knack for crashing all technological devices just by being around them. Seriously.

My email is acting up! I have no idea what happened but I'm working to figure it out and fix it.
In the meantime, please use my alternate email:

If you've recently tried to email me PLEASE RESEND to the above email address!

Thank you for your patience

1 comment:

Goddess Findings said...

This is probably because your energy is so high! The same happens to me--and I tell myself it's just the strength of my aura! LOL.
I was purusing your website and am absolutely in love with your designs...I am a particular fan of the heart with wings motif, and the sacred heart as well- hearts can be so tacky unless you do them well, and I love all of your designs-- keep up the great work.