Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy birthday Mom

People say "it gets easier" when someone dies. It really doesn't. It gets worse. Sure, the initial shock of it all gets easier to deal with; the bouts of ambush grief that pop out of nowhere (and everywhere) that make you burst into tears. That does lessen a bit. But the missing her never goes away. Today my mom would have been celebrating her 62nd birthday. I saved the last birthday card I gave her. She had it taped to her hospital room wall. I hope she sees that we all miss her so much and wish she could share some cake and hugs with us.
Happy birthday Mom.

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Catherine Chandler said...

That's very, very true. You never stop missing them or hurting or crying. After my dad passed away, I found a file in his office desk of tons of emails we'd sent that he'd printed out. I haven't read them in a while because I become a heaping mess of tears when I do, but I have them. Each year on his Birthday I go out for sushi and have either a piece of cake or a whiskey sour in his honour, and every year on his D-Day, I go for a "memorial hike" in a nice spot.