Thursday, September 18, 2008

hey stud

I've been thinking about studs. No, not that kind! I'm talking post earrings here. Are they just for little girls and boys? Do you wear them? I love stud earrings but find myself always wearing hoops. Why is that? I'd love to create a collection of studs as an alternative to the ever present cutesy ones on the market today. Would you wear them? Would your kids?


ren said...

i don't like to wear studs because i often wear headphones or talk on the phone for lengths of time and i find the back of the studs press into my ear and are uncomfortable, so it's always hoops (or french wires) for me, the eternity kind that don't have posts.

carla ten eyck said...

I'd rock a stud or two FO SHO

Maybe I have an unusually fleshy neck but I don't have too many stud poking issues

T said...

I prefer studs but they are often too cutesy and yes, there's the pokeage issue.

Cheryl said...

I wear studs almost exclusively--the reason being is my ear-holes are stretched out from wearing too much heavy jewelry in the 1960's! (Yep, I was a flower-child, I *was* there, and I DO remember the '60's, despite what Robin Williams says!) If I were to wear hoops or French hooks I'm afraid that the wires would slice right through my earlobes if I caught the earrings on anything. Studs cover up my egregiously huge holes so I'm not self-conscious about them.

I'd love these in mixed metals--14K gold and sterling. Do you make anything like that? AND (lucky me!), I happen to also live in RVA!

I took a silver casting class back when it was called The Hand Workshop and have some unfinished pieces I might like you to finish for me. I'll convo you thru your Etsy shop and give you my direct email so that we can connect. No hurry; these unfinished pieces have been hangin' around for awhile!