Thursday, April 10, 2008

Studio space

I love seeing what adorns other artist's workspaces. I know that the "inspiration board" is fairly common and what's on it rotates with each artist's vision. I also have one. I thought it'd be nice to share mine with you. Some recurring themes for me are: death, spirit and the afterlife, floral, lace, family & friends, and kitties. Humor is always mixed in.

Here's a shot of my workbench. Frankie is my newest helper.

This is above my bench and I add things to it regularly

This is a very special spot for me. I've got some of mom's cremains (in her own little altar) and Izzie's cremains here. I also have a photo portrait of an unknown dead baby girl (I call her Bella). It's so sweet. She's wearing a beautiful white dress with eyelet detail at the hem, a little white cardigan sweater and white booties.

This is one of four fireplaces. Only one works. I love it none the less

What's on your inspiration board?

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carla ten eyck said...

love your altars, I have to post mine- it kinds sprung up by accident but I love it
it's got wonder woman and nana's wedding picture and a shot of the first wedding I ever did where the bride cried bc I fucked it up and me and mom when I took my first steps and her obit and a pink lava lamp

I guess some pictures would be nice huh.

huh mom?