Friday, November 30, 2007

Project Runway is my crack

I'm totally addicted to Bravo tv's Project Runway. The designers are so colorful and full of drama. I love the breakdowns. I love the rush of watching them try to be creative in such a crazy time constraint. I love the stress.I love watching the struggle of working in teams. I love Tim Gunn. Heidi, not so much. She needs to be auf'd. I can't stand how she butchers Nina Gaaah-cia's name, either.
If you're not watching this...why NOT? There's even something special for serious Runway addicts...FANTASY Project Runway. Seriously.
Make it work!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

UK Dazzle me!

Okay, so I wish I was on another continent for a bit...
Those of you lucky enough to be in the UK are in for a treat. Dazzle is touted as "a selling exhibition of contemporary jewellery". It's a show and sale of some very talented jewelry artists based in the UK.
Here are a few artists that really caught my eye:
Julie Allison, Donna Barry, Shimara Carlow, Kate Hodgson, Hannah Louise Lamb, Jane Moore (gorgeous enamel), John Moore (talent runs in the family. I LOVE the african grey earrings. They remind me of Hexum, Mom's African Grey), Miranda Sharpe, Sarah Stafford and Naoko Yoshizawa.
I lied. It's more than a few. There are just so many I like!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Think Small 4

Tonight is the opening of Think Small 4, a miniature invitational exhibition. It's one show held at two galleries here in Richmond, VA; Art 6 and Artspace. I created a piece for this show where nothing can be larger than 3 inches.
My piece is a ring titled "Juicy". The materials are sterling silver, wood and paint. Check it out if you're in town.

Sparkle Plenty 3

It's not every day that you get to see jewelry treated as an art form. Let's face it, most folks don't get that jewelry IS an art form and that it can be functional or conceptual (or both). It doesn't have to be made with traditionally precious metals like silver or gold. It can be created out of anything; paper, steel, found objects, plastic, hair, etc.
Well, we Richmonders are in luck this month. Last night I went to see Sparkle Plenty 3 at Quirk Gallery. As a jeweler myself, I absolutely LOVE seeing other art jewelers' work up close. The show was curated by Robert Ebendorf and it is wonderful. I urge you to go see the show if you're in the neighborhood. I know I was inspired...