Monday, August 27, 2007

Trend alert!

I LOVE color. Seriously, love. Seriously. We've got NY Fashion Week coming up soon and Pantone has recently released their fashion color report for fall 2007. Yummy! Of course, my favorites are purple wine, dusk, green moss and carafe. I'm not one to follow trends, but that doesn't mean I can't like them every once in a while. We also know that black is always in. It's funny because the new jewelry I'm working on has roots in these color palettes. I'm going for a more luscious feel. Think gunmetal blackened silver (all shades of grey), with black, purple, blue, dusk, red and coffee colored stones. Think wine, bruises, coffee, chocolate covered cherries, dusk, know, a typical night.

um, speaking of fashion, I can't wait for the next Project Runway! Are you with me?

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Another Limited Rebellion said...

Word. I'm always amused at how colorful my design work is despite my minimal personal palette!