Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the little things

I told you I got some cool fabric for my studio curtains... Thank you JoAnn Fabrics! I love the difference between daytime and nighttime. Plus, it inspires me. I love having lots of visual stimulation in my studio. Lots of textures and colors. It's all unpacked except for the artwork and other things that go on my walls. I'm changing it up a bit since it's a new room and I've got new inspirations.
Also, I'm overdue for kitty posts...stop complaining! You love the cuteness!
Frankie just turned 5 months (Charlie rescued him at 2 days old) and Nico is obsessed with spinach. I swear, last time I made a spinach salad (we eat them a lot) she emptied the whole bag on the table and was rolling in it. And yes, she actually eats it.

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