Monday, August 27, 2007

Trend alert!

I LOVE color. Seriously, love. Seriously. We've got NY Fashion Week coming up soon and Pantone has recently released their fashion color report for fall 2007. Yummy! Of course, my favorites are purple wine, dusk, green moss and carafe. I'm not one to follow trends, but that doesn't mean I can't like them every once in a while. We also know that black is always in. It's funny because the new jewelry I'm working on has roots in these color palettes. I'm going for a more luscious feel. Think gunmetal blackened silver (all shades of grey), with black, purple, blue, dusk, red and coffee colored stones. Think wine, bruises, coffee, chocolate covered cherries, dusk, know, a typical night.

um, speaking of fashion, I can't wait for the next Project Runway! Are you with me?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the little things

I told you I got some cool fabric for my studio curtains... Thank you JoAnn Fabrics! I love the difference between daytime and nighttime. Plus, it inspires me. I love having lots of visual stimulation in my studio. Lots of textures and colors. It's all unpacked except for the artwork and other things that go on my walls. I'm changing it up a bit since it's a new room and I've got new inspirations.
Also, I'm overdue for kitty posts...stop complaining! You love the cuteness!
Frankie just turned 5 months (Charlie rescued him at 2 days old) and Nico is obsessed with spinach. I swear, last time I made a spinach salad (we eat them a lot) she emptied the whole bag on the table and was rolling in it. And yes, she actually eats it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My favorite piece of wedding jewelry

Me and my nephew, Ty

I've been married almost 6 years now and while packing and unpacking, I found my favorite piece of wedding jewelry. I wish I could wear it everyday. It's pretty tarnished right now, as you can see. I had the inspiration one late night while coming across a bollywood movie on tv. The female lead had the most exquisite headdress! I never found out the name of the movie or the actress so I had to improvise. I made it out of sterling silver sheet with clear and purple cz stones. At the time, I didn't know what they were called. I've since learned they're 'tikkas' and are traditionally worn by the bride or at special occasions. I hope you can kinda see how I wore it in the pic. It's the only wedding pic I have digitally (!) I know, I still have to scan them ... Some shout outs: dress made by Mom, hair styling by sister Saca and dahlias picked from Dad's garden and arranged by sister Carla. Hell yeah I put everyone to work!

Tag it or bag it?

I've found the camera, but now to find the cord so I can upload some pics...

It's full on summertime now and that means lots of outdoor craft shows and festivals.
I have a question; do you prefer jewelers to display prices on each piece or if it's not showing, would you feel comfortable asking the price? Would it bother you to ask? Does it "cheapen" the work to display prices? Many jewelers simply find the tags unappealing. Some think, "if you have to ask...". Although I don't necessarily like the looks of tags all over the place, there are tasteful ways to do it. In my opinion, I think that easily located prices can make your clients/customers feel more at ease/ welcomed. I'm not hiding anything. I want you to stop and look (and buy). Why make someone wait to ask a price if you're with another client? If I have to ask a price on each and every item...buh bye. Granted, some folks see the prices and keep walking. Then there are those that stay and look and chat (or not) and eventually buy. There's ( I think) a certain expectation at craft shows. Attendees are looking for bargains and don't necessarily want to waste their time asking prices all day. I know, there are exceptions! We love you exceptions! I'm just sayin'.
What about at a jewelry store or boutique? Would you feel differently about displaying pricetags? Are the expectations different? Since it's their shop and their vision, is it okay to not have pricetags to distract from the jewelry on display? Or would you still like to see a price somewhere? This one's a little harder to answer. It really depends on the shop's vision and the customer service. I think you can go either way as long as there's great customer service.
I'd love to know what YOU think.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm back

Well, I hate moving. Truly. It's dirty, dirty business and it took longer than I wanted, but it's now done. Now to finish unpacking....
I do love this place. The apartment is big, with lots of windows and has a cool nyc feel. The neighbors are friendly; they all came out to say hi and welcome. What a change. And lots of animals. Our cats now have a runway. I swear, the long hallway is theirs. It takes me 30 steps just to get from one end to the other.
I'm focusing on getting my studio all unpacked. I have a new studio and fax number (tho the fax isn't hooked up just yet). I have the coolest fabric for curtains, too. Photos to come...I haven't unpacked the camera yet.
I'm feeling re-energized and creative. Watch out!