Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A little inspiration

Thank you for your suggestions...

As you can see, ms Patsy Marie is my number one helper. Or slacker. She's definitely still full of sassafrass!

Now as far as inspiration....hmmmmmm. Lots of things get my creative juices flowing. I'm half Mexican (hi dad), and as such, am kinda obsessed with death. Maybe obsessed isn't the most accurate description. I'm not afraid of death. I see it as part of life. I like having one foot in each door, so to speak. I believe the dead can communicate with us and vice versa. So this celebration of life and death manifests itself in my work. Death doesn't have to be all gloom and doom or taboo. It can be fun! (check out any Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration if you don't believe me) My greatest inspirations have come from Mexican and ancient Egyptian cultures. Their outlooks tend to be more positive and matter of fact.
I also love Victorian memento mori, although it tends to be darker. But I like dark. It has the whole, "watch out! you're gonna die, too!" sentiment. Such drama.
I do have many other inspirations, which I'll write about later.

So, what inspires YOU?

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carla ten eyck said...

hmmm....bad breath inspires me- mostly to take a step back. And yet. I suffer from halitosis at times myself!