Friday, June 29, 2007

Does this gross you out?

Do you try on pierced earrings (which others may have tried on) before you buy them? Or does this gross you out? There's been an ongoing discussion on Ganoksin's Orchid forums lately about whether it's okay to let clients try on earrings. Many folks don't have any problems with it, as long as it's a healed piercing, but many others worry about germs and transmitting diseases and such. Can anyone honestly say that they've caught something from trying on earrings? What about cleaning before and after with alcohol wipes? Or will holding an earring up to your ear be enough to satisfy the need to see how it will look on?
I really do want to know what you think!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A little more inspiration

When you're out shopping, are you one of those people who has to TOUCH EVERYTHING? I am! I'm tactile and visual and proud. While out walking this HOT morning (it was 94 degrees and super humid...I know, welcome to Richmond) I walked by a row of one of my favorite trees. The mimosa tree begs to be touched. Seriously. It's flowers are a luscious pinky-peach that looks like soft fur. Go on, touch it. The leaves are just as ornate and delicate looking. So yeah, I had to stop and touch.

A calm moment

because we all need one

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spirit of Kindness

my donation: necklace and pet tag

Frankie models the pet handsome

I love animals. I love adopting animals. Anyone who knows my husband and me knows this! On Thursday June 28th, the Massachusetts ASPCA (MSPCA) will be holding their 5th annual Spirit of Kindness Silent Auction and Gala. This event takes place at the Skywalk Pavilion at the Prudential Center in Boston from 6-9pm. All proceeds will be used to support the MSPCA Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center. It's a great cause. My Precious Studio has donated twice in the past (and the last time raised over $500 at the auction!). This year, My Precious Studio has donated a 14ky & sterling silver wings necklace along with a sterling silver & garnet engrave-able pet tag. I love my "kids" and this is just one small way for me to give back.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Richmond Veggie Fest

It's been a little while since my last post...sorry! I had a birthday and have been looking for a new apartment/house, so I've been busy. I must say, I love looking at all the homes and neighborhoods around town. I'm a voyeur at heart, for sure. But not the creepy kind...I swear!
If you're looking for something to do this weekend in Richmond, VA please visit Richmond's Vegetarian Festival. It's on Saturday, June 23rd from noon - 6pm at Bryan Park. Our awesome veterinarian (Hi Chris) is one of the organizers. Poster by my friend Noah (check out his skull a day blog -link in left menu).
My Precious Studio has also donated a $120 sterling silver & garnet necklace for the raffle being held.
Now eat your veggies!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My new tattoo

An early birthday present. A small memorial. I got my latest tattoo yesterday by Amy Black at Trademark Tattoo. She's great. I also got my neck tattoo from her.
The words, "I love you, Mom" are from a letter Mom wrote to me in the months before she died. It's in Mom's handwriting, just enlarged a little. My smallest tat, yet my most meaningful one so far.

Ashes to Art: Modern Kuyo

For those of you lucky enough to be in NYC, there's a gallery show you must see. It just opened last week at Onishi Gallery in Manhattan. Organized in conjunction with Gallery Memoria and Funeria, this is an exhibit of modern kuyo. Their site explains 'kuyo' as the Japanese custom of remembrance and honoring ancestors. Gallery Memoria is a NY & Japanese kuyo gallery. Funeria is a website with a new CA gallery (Art Honors Life @ Funeria), devoted to cremation and memorial artworks. Funeria hosts a biennial Ashes to Art exhibit of cremation vessels and 28 of these artists are represented in this show.

Friday, June 8, 2007


I love me some skulls. For reals. You know you love them, too.
My friend Noah has started a skull-a-day blog where he'll create a skull a day for a year. Check it out.
And the winner of the What the Hell? MUST see Damien Hirst's new art piece. It's a platinum cast of an actual skull...encrusted with diamonds. It's priced at $98 MILLION. Word. It's fantastic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A little inspiration

Thank you for your suggestions...

As you can see, ms Patsy Marie is my number one helper. Or slacker. She's definitely still full of sassafrass!

Now as far as inspiration....hmmmmmm. Lots of things get my creative juices flowing. I'm half Mexican (hi dad), and as such, am kinda obsessed with death. Maybe obsessed isn't the most accurate description. I'm not afraid of death. I see it as part of life. I like having one foot in each door, so to speak. I believe the dead can communicate with us and vice versa. So this celebration of life and death manifests itself in my work. Death doesn't have to be all gloom and doom or taboo. It can be fun! (check out any Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration if you don't believe me) My greatest inspirations have come from Mexican and ancient Egyptian cultures. Their outlooks tend to be more positive and matter of fact.
I also love Victorian memento mori, although it tends to be darker. But I like dark. It has the whole, "watch out! you're gonna die, too!" sentiment. Such drama.
I do have many other inspirations, which I'll write about later.

So, what inspires YOU?