Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where's my red shadow?

first time little izzie climbed my leg

getting my hair did

my sweet angel

favorite spot with frankie

chillin' with dixon

cuddling with sister nico

more cuddling...

I'm heartbroken. Our sweet baby girl Izzie died unexpectedly on Tuesday. She was 8 months old. We took her and her sister Nico to get spayed. She apparently had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic drugs and never made it. She was shaved but thankfully uncut. Her sweet sister is doing well physically, but is sad. Needless to say, we are smothering her and the rest of the kitties with love. More so than usual.
We are having her cremated and had a wonderfully compassionate experience with the gentleman at the pet crematory. My baby was my shadow; my "red shadow". She was never more than a few feet away from me, except when she was playing or spending time with her soul mate and sister, Nico. She was very sensitive and had a super sweet soul. I can't believe she's gone. Sweet dreams, fuzzy girl.


Anonymous said...

I usually stay out of Teres blog. I'm Teres husband Charlie and I felt like adding.
Izzie was 1 of 3 kittens from the same litter I rescued from the lot behind my office. She imprinted herself on Tere right away and they truly were inseperable. She loved being held and pet. She trusted us, slept with us, and was a joy every second you were with her. The house seems very quiet now without her and Nico chasing each other and getting into trouble. For all her innocence she's the one who taught her sister how to unroll the toilet paper and to get to the plant we don't want eaten. Her passing was an unexpected and tragic loss. She had a short life but I know we gave her a happy life. I miss her very much.

Amblus said...

Oh you guys. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I have a family of kitties myself and know how integral and important they are. My sympathies.


Mim said...

Izzie was so adorable looking. Such a sweet face. You gave her a good life, she gave you happiness and joy. What a gift for each of you in such a short time. I can tell how much you miss her. The photos are a lovely memorial to her.