Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let the healing begin

It's been a rough week. We picked up Izzie's cremains on Thursday and I have them next to my Mom's on my altar. Hey, I'm half Mexican...of course I've got an altar! One of my next projects will be to design a ring with Izzie's ashes in it for me to wear. Of course I'll post it here when it's ready. Have you ever seen someone's ashes? I compared those of Mom and Izzie. Mom's are very silky looking. A fine grit with some tiny bone fragments. The color is this uniformly soft, foggy lavender brown/grey. It's really beautiful. Izzie's are more like crushed shells. The color is spotted dark grey, soft grey and white. Looks like the shell fragments that wash up in the sand on a beach. You know, in that spot where you stand at water's edge, where the waves wash over your feet. When the wave pulls back, your feet sink into the silky sand. Looks like those shells.
So Nico's doing okay. She popped her stitches (twice!) and has to wear this lovely lampshade for 10 days. What a trooper.

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Mim said...

Thanks for telling us about the ashes. I'd actually wondered about that. We had one of our cats cremated when the kids were younger, because they really wanted that done. When I brought the ashes home, in a white plastic jar, they didn't want to look. I put the jar somewhere and to this day, don't know where it is. Hmmm. I look forward to seeing the ring you come up with.