Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'll take you with me everywhere I go*

My mother died on February 10, 2006. She was 59. I miss her more than I can say but I'm okay with it.
I'm not okay with the years of suffering she had to go through while sick with COPD. Did I mention that I miss her? I'm okay with it because in the end, she was okay with it. She was at peace. No more suffering. Plus she's still around- both spiritually and physically.
Her request was to be cremated and for me to make urn necklaces for us all to have. I even found one of her letters to me where she wrote about a dream she had of the necklace. We discussed it many times.
I'd like to share some of "the making of" with you. I knew it had to be a heart and a bird (she loved birds). Once I had the motif, I wanted to come up with something special as far as how to contain her cremains. I decided on a clear crystal cabochon set over the opening. This way we can actually see inside. It's so cool. The crystal even makes this great reflection on the skin when wearing it.

Inscribed on the front in the banner: I'm her favorite

This is a running joke with my siblings. There are 9 of us and she used to tell each of us that we were her favorite. When we'd call on the phone, we'd say, "it's your favorite daughter" and see who she named. Of course she'd play along and say someone else's name. She was cheeky.

Inscribed on the back:
Love Never Dies
Herein lies Georgianne V. Hernandez
10.24.46 - 2.10.06
Beloved mother, sister, aunt and friend

*quote from a Willie Nelson song (mom LOVED him. He's an honorary family member!)
huh, mom?

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Mim said...

Oh Tere, this is so beautiful. I remember your telling us about it but seeing what you've done is so moving and loving. big hugs