Sunday, April 29, 2007

Art that makes me happy

So, I ended up with a few items for myelf from the craft show. Some of my favorite subjects...cats, ghosts and death.The first purchase was from Bee's Knee's Studio. Erica was very sweet and had sooo much to choose from.

I chose (no surprise here) the cat in the tree. Minimal and cute!

Next up was Devoted Bee. Now here is where I almost couldn't decide. He's got lots of death stuff so I was happy.
I chose one ghost image: "ghosts sometimes remember their last home"

And one death image: "shortly after my death - useful perch"

I mean COME ON. awesome, right?


carla ten eyck said...

Tres cool, hermana! Yeah, you gotta love death! Right?

Mim said...

I love Devoted Bees work. It was one of my favorites at the show, next to your's, of course.